*This is a private and secure sight for Experience requests only. For future or potential Humana customers, please select the Humana Pre-Sale Experience. For current or eligible HumanaVitality plan holders, please select the HumanaVitality Commercial Experience.

HumanaVitality Member Experience

Crafted to bring the digital, incentive-based program to life, the HumanaVitality Member Experience will be touring the country engaging employees and encouraging further participation in the program. A stop at your business can help educate and motivate your employees to live healthier, set and reach wellness-related goals, and earn rewards in the process.

Check back in early 2015 for availability.

HumanaVitality Pre-Sale Experience

At Humana, we encourage our members to make fun things healthy and healthy things fun! An event request for this mass-consumer facing experience will go a long way in educating potential customers and members in what it means to be healthy and the benefits associated with selecting Humana as your primary health partner for life.